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My life's journey packaged up and presented to you in every class. The creativeness of a choreographer, the motivation of a world class competitive gymnast combined with the desire to inject my love of fitness into each and every person that walks through my studio door.

Meet the M3 Megaformer

Like Pilates but much more. Bringing Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility all into one workout.

The M3 Megaformer provides constant resistance and numerous more exercises than a traditional reformer. Each exercise will run seamlessly into the next and will get your blood pumping and elevate your heart rate. The Megaformer M3 attacks each and every muscle in a very concentrated and focused manner to sculpt strong, powerful and lean bodies. Use balance and resistance to push your muscles to ultimate exertion. The combination of a moving carriage and weighted springs will create continuous tension and therefore demand constant engagement of your core.

The Megaformer M3 is the newest and greatest addition to Sebastian Lagrees Fitness empire. Pilates on crack is what they said about the M2 so beware and dare to try the Mega M3. Your time is valuable and not a second will be wasted on opening a platform.

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Like something you've never experienced before.

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