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Meet The Mega

50 Min

New to Catwalkfitness and curious about the Megaformer Celebrity workout? Then this is the perfect class for you. It begins with a walk through introduction to the Lagree Method followed up with a slower more informative paced workout. Do not be fooled, although comfy, your body will be quivering by end of class guaranteed! Although not mandatory to set yourself up for success we recommend that you take this class at least once before attending one of our regular Megaformer Classes.


Megaformer M3

50 Min

Burn up to 700 calories in this class. Heart pumping, muscle quivering, sweat dripping, body lengthening (I could go on ….) are just a few ways to describe this class. Get familiar with our unique way of transitioning you from one exercise seamlessly into the next.*Warning ~ This class can be Mega Addicting!


Mega Stretch

50 Minutes

Want to walk with confidence into a room with the grace and elegance of a seasoned dancer? Our Mega Stretch Class will help lead you to better posture, fewer aches and pains and will even empower you with greater confidence. All stretches in this class are performed on the Mega M3 and this class is definitely still a strenuous, hi intensity workout.


Mega Teens

50 Minutes

This class is specially designed with young people in mind. Football players, Dancers, Soccer players, Lacrosse etc this class guarantees to make your child not only stronger and more flexible but with offer the tools he or she will need to have better awareness of proper body alignment and form.


Mega Privates

50 Minutes

Personal one on one training at its best. Take your class or even specific moves to the next level. Challenge yourself with a move you may not try in class. Or use this special time to learn modifications that would work best for you due to an injury. Your class, YOU are in charge! Don’t want to come alone? No prob, bring a friend. We also offer Mega Semi Privates and even Mega Group Private Sessions.


Accelerated Abs

30 Minutes

We understand schedules are tight. This 30 minute class is devoted to intense, core exercises. Planks, obliques, core and more. 6 pack city here you come.
*special accelerated packages available