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Meet Cathy Wagner

Founder of Catwalk Fitness

Cathy’s entire life has been about fitness. Her love for dance began at the tender age of 2 and that eventually led to her medaling as a gymnast in the Empire State Games, State, National Competitions.

13 years ago Cathy brought Pole Dancing to Long Island. Five poles at one studio quickly grew to 9 poles In 7 different fitness studios. The word was out, and she was sought after by every surrounding studio. Pole Bur n Workout, Pole Dance, Choreography and Pole Dancing Parties kept her extremely busy.

It was 3 years ago when a client suggested that she teach the Lagree Method. The introduction to the Megaformer was like love at first sight to her. She trained and quickly became a top Mega Instructor. Her energy and passion for fitness quickly becomes contagious to all those who take her classes. Constantly creating new moves, her choreographed routines are second to none . “You get what you Give” is her Motto. That mantra applies to all aspects of her life. She gives her heart and sole when she teaches a class and in return she has created a “cult like” following.

Now for the very first time, she will be performing in her very own Fitness Studio. A dream she has had since a child. Music, Mirrors and the M3 Megaformer ….. What more could a girl want? Oh Yeah ~ Hot Pink! Fitness is in her blood.

Come experience the newest Lagree Machine, the M3 Megaformer and meet the girl who WILL change your life one “teaser” at a time. Your body will “Plank” you!





  • I don't even know where to begin in writing a testimonial for the extremely talented and motivational Cathy Wagner. After gaining 60 pounds with two different pregnancies back to back (my boys are 15 months apart) I was convinced I would never get my body back. Cathy Wagner is the reason why I am in the best shape of my life! There is nothing even comparable to a Cathy Wagner class! She is knowledgeable, inspirational, fun and a beautiful person inside and out. - Danielle
  • Cathy is the best workout instructor I have ever had!! She knows how to make you sweat and work hard but love what you're doing at the same time. Her passion, motivation and energy are truly inspiring. She helped me get my body into the best shape of my life after having 2 babies. She is also a beautiful person, inside and out. Love her!!!! Erica
  • I have had the amazing opportunity to train under Cathy for over a year. After the first class I was hooked. Her classes are tough but yield amazing results. Her infectious energy is motivating. The classes offer tons of personal attention. There's no time for boredom. Cathy classes are intense and she constantly changes the routines to keep you challenged. Her workouts are great. My core has never been so strong. I'm addicted!!!! Lee