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Client Testimonials

"Cathy Wagner's workouts are one of a kind! I have worked out my entire life, however when I began working out with Cathy my body transformed. She is in amazing shape who wouldn't want to work out with her? Cathy has taught me various techniques over the years, but the most important thing I have learned from her is form. Your form is your foundation for building new moves and protecting your body. Her words echo in my mind throughout every move I do. Cathy's workouts are HIGH energy, fun, motivating, and challenging. No workout is ever the same, she is constantly introducing new moves to strengthen and shock your muscles. Cathy focuses on your entire body and pushes you even when you feel like giving up. Whether its your first time or hundredth time working out with Cathy, she treats everyone with the same attention, instruction, and patience. Her workouts are a combination of instructional and sexy. She breaks down every move step by step and teaches it at a dance, high intensity cardio level. Music is always awesome and time flies by. She is by far the best instructor I have ever worked out with. I thank her for all I've learned and continue to learn from her. You will not regret working out with this chica!"


"One year ago I had an opening conversation with a woman named Cathy Wagner. Who knew I would meet someone so passionate, committed, results driven, professional and empathetic that she would actually listen to my background, my strengths, my weaknesses and my new ultimate goal and make things happen. She is an Outlier in the fitness industry who truly touches the fabric of every client and creates a new blueprint from the inside-out. From the very first session with Cathy I was impressed and wanted more of what was different about her. Every training session was seamless, prepared, innovative, creative and most importantly, physically, mentally and emotionally infectious and fun. I am so grateful and blessed to have such an authentic and powerful training professional in my life."



#10. Cathy has contagious energy
#9. She wears the coolest leggings
#8. You think the whole time... "How can I have THAT tight ass!!
#7. She has an amazing understanding of body movements
#6. Her fabulous adjustments get you just right
#5. You think the whole time... "How can I like have THOSE chiseled arms!!
# 4. Cathy cares that you get it and kills you with her smile
#3. It's so clear that she believes fully in what she is teaching and motivates you beyond
#2. You think the whole time..."How can I get THAT hot bod!
#1. You are reminded for days that follow of how hard she made you work-sore to the core!!!
Thank you for being your amazing self Cathy! Love you to pieces!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Laura